domingo, 27 de enero de 2013

And as I turned the key and hoped for the best, I found myself raising my arms to the moon. Once again, promises that my young heart overlooked in the past all came to make sense, as taking out the key became an easier and smaller punishment I received. Wishing goodbyes were just products of my imagination and I knew it damn well.
Expecting for the best was treat my eyes gave me for a long time; but not as long as I felt I needed, as the gravel beneath my feet trembled with its monotonous sound I recalled the smell of pavement on those hot summer nights, where air seemed insufficient for both of our bodies and becoming one was the only solution our hearts could think -or dream- of.
Winter mornings in the other side of the world left an impression like your hatred-full eyes once did, as the gravel compressed itself in the form of a street and long ahead, a bridge.
Walking onto the edge while my soul lifted itself apart from me, trying to find your smile or your smell beneath those pine trees while my unsteady legs embraced the cold air.
Maybe proving my self right was the only way out of that, but proving things were just an echo of what I had been centuries and seasons ago.
Finding you standing next to me, in this life or another was the only comfort my heart found, as my hands approached the stones under rushing water and the night closed in around me.

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