sábado, 31 de enero de 2015

If only

Stars could be the same,
Nights of light and no decay,
Maybe time could just erase
What memories just slept to say

If only love could rearrange
What this eyes were born to pay
These pretty faces wouldn't be so strange
Then smiles could just blow up in air

And you could stay where peace
Is fair.

Fair or not, be rest assured
That time and experience
Is for the poor

Of (if) heart and mind,
What pleasure seems to paint so kind
These pictures of what if and would not
Could dissappear

Vos al lado mio, y que nos separe el rio,
Y si ves que no te miro, busca la sangre del despido, el aire tieso mugriento y sucio,
La vida corre y no te escucho