lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

My first time was on a sandy beach, a few hours before High Tide. As I sat there, the waves came ever closer to me. The scene was real, my feelings about it were excitement and wonder.

For my second trip, I prepared differently. I wrote down some hallucinations I would enjoy seeing (and hearing). I re-read a couple stories about people having intense, personal hallucinations, which changed their life. I know (deep inside) that my trip can be anything I want it to be.

When I was about 1 hour in, I began to hear Gregorian Chants (they were on my list, thank you for this miracle). I sang along (droned along, at times I didn't know the words). Here I am. I am in this 14th Century Monastery. I am singing with all of these wonderful monks. I am a monk. I feel the weight of my robe. I smell the mustiness of the Sanctuary. My feet are firmly planted on the floor. Wow! This is Great.

A little later I realized: I became that existence, and lived in it, fully. This is a miracle of the psyche. Hmm. Now that I have THIS miracle available, I will use it some more.

I waited through some other realms, thoroughly enjoying each one, knowing that another Life is coming. A year before this trip, I went to a Creedence Clearwater Revival concert. They played all of their best 70s hits. I was fully enveloped, for minutes at a time.

Another List item: Re-create that rock concert. I recorded the songs which had sent me off; I am ready for this trip.

I turned on the stereo. Suddenly there were 1000s of people around me. I feel the heat of our bodies, the cool breezes flowing through. The music reverberates through me, like a freight train. Ising every note, with all my heart.

Song-after-song, one million volts are crackling all around me. All of us, living through this, sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience. This patterned itself with greater, and lesser, periods of clarity. One second I am truly there (20 feet from the stage, the speakers powering through me), the next minute I am back into the sanctity of my room, and still fully enveloped in singing, enjoying this too. I got to hear the songs to fuel my hallucination, ANDhearing my own voice, singing with the band.

The trip continued. Lots of fun. Hours later, as I was analyzing the HIGH points, I realized that those 2 concerts (one religious, and one down-to-earth) both were spiritual. My spirit can arise with anything, as long as I perceive it as spiritual. Music is the language of the Universe, words tell me the story.

Now I know: Hallucinations are available. I can dream of things the way I want them.
This is enough.

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