domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

I can still remember
When your city smelt exciting
I still get a whiff
Of that aroma now and then
Burglary and fireworks
The skies they were alighting
Accidents and toffee drops
And thinking on the train

Oh, he was young, in the frost
No regard for the cost
Of saying his feelings
In the moment they were felt
And if he was calm like you
Locked up inside of your loops
Then he'd know for well
That all he had to say was
All he had to say was goodbye

Summertime made promises
It knew it couldn't keep
The fairytale was climbing up
A mountain far too steep
Colouring the pictures
With your loyal hand
Now I am craving heartbreak
While you're making your demands

Calm Like You - The Last Shadow Puppet

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